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[edit] Basic Character Information

Name: V'neef Vala (Aliases: Too many to list)

Player: Lumby

Aspect: Wood


Motivation: Prune the Realm of corruption.


Anima Appearance:

Backstory: V'neef Vala's birth was celebrated by many, and even the Empress herself flashed a small smile at the news - she was the firstborn of V'neef herself. Even from such a young age, the strength of the Dragon's Blood flowing through her was apparent to anyone who looked upon her. Appropriately, her training started as soon as she was capable of understanding it, and was strenuous even by Dynastic standards. There is no question that it paid off, however; Vala recieved the Dragon's Grace a week before her tenth birthday, and was already fully capable of quite a few of the tasks that would be expected of her in her adult life as one of the Ten Thousand Dragons. She still had quite a lot to learn, however...

She was hurried through primary school with incredible speed, and after some consideration on her part (with the input of her mother, of course), she was enrolled in the Spiral Academy. Things proceeded smoothly for her there; like in so many other things, she had a natural talent reinforced by her tutors' (and, on occasion, her mother's) stern training. She graduated with full honors, and joined her House as one of the accountants that it will need as money begins flowing into its coffers. She is currently twenty years old, and set to be married this coming Ascending Wood. It's obvious to any that look at the pair together that they are both completely smitten with each other, which certainly won't hurt the marriage.

She is the patient, practical sort. While she has little tolerance for fools, she also isn't stupid; acts which must be punished are punished just as they should be, with no bias either way. Any rumors that she is a member of the All-Seeing Eye are completely unfounded. Any suggestions that her mother found her a private sorcery tutor to aid in her duties, both to the All-Seeing Eye and to House V'neef, are downright laughable. And don't even think that she might be a talented assassin; it's obviously untrue.

Theme Songs:

[edit] Attributes

Str ●●ooo     Cha ●●ooo     Per ●●●oo
Dex ●●●oo     Man ●●●●o     Int ●●●oo
Sta ●●ooo     App ●●●●o     Wit ●●●oo

[edit] Abilities

● Ling ●●●●o     o Awar ●●ooo     o Athl ●●ooo     ● Bure ●●●●o     ● Arch ●●●●●
o Lore ●●●oo     o Craf ooooo     o Dodg ●oooo     o Inve ●●ooo     ● Medi ●●●oo
● Occu ●●●oo     o Inte ●●ooo     o Mele ●●ooo     o Larc ●●ooo     ● Perf ●●●●●
o Stea ●●ooo     o Resi ●oooo     o Pres ●●ooo     o Mart ●●ooo     ● Ride ●●ooo
o Thro ooooo     o War  ●●ooo     o Soci ●●●oo     o Sail ooooo     ● Surv ●oooo

Elemental Crafts Known: None

Other Crafts Known: None

Native Language: High Realm

Other Languages Known: Forest-Tongue, Low Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak.

Specialties: Bureaucracy - Accounting +1. Larceny - Disguises +1. Lore - Realm History +1. Occult - Demons +1. Performance - Making it up as I go +1.

[edit] Advantages

[edit] Backgrounds

Allies ● - Ledaal Gie, Air-aspected librarian. Not wholly unlike Xuyiko, really. An old lover of Vala's, that she recently rekindled friendship with. At least, that's what Gie thinks. Vala doesn't really care about the girl, of course, but she can be useful.

Allies ● - Ragara Soras Polu, a young Earth-aspected beaurucrat of impeccable blood rapidly advancing up the ranks of the Thousand Scales, who manages a not-insignificant portion of House Ragara's trading affairs in the Southern Blessed Isle, and Vala's fiancé. The two of them met during their final year at the Spiral Academy, and it was love at first sight - love that both V'neef and Ragara Benoba were delighted to discover. A marriage was arranged with all due haste, that both families benefit from; House V'neef gets a foothold with the Guild's trade network and maintains the purity of its blood, while House Ragara gets an unprecedented opportunity to shape the growth of a new Great House and regains access to the Merchant Marine. Plus, they make such a cute couple...

Backing (All-Seeing Eye) ●● - Spying is both fun and profitable! (Artifact, Connection, Henchmen, Manse, Reputation, Retainers, Resources)

Breeding ●●●●● - Like all members of the still-small house, Vala is of exceptional blood. Quite a few are saddened to know that she's already married off.

Family ●● - Vala is the eldest daughter of V'neef, and we all know who V'neef's mother is...

Mentor ●●● - Her own mother, V'neef, is wise beyond her years, and intent on her eldest daughter inheriting her wisdom. The girl's likely to inherit the main house in time, after all.

Reputation ● - While Vala has yet to do anything truly spectacular, she has gathered a small amount of fame simply by being the first daughter of House V'neef - and then there's that whole "actually in love" thing...

Retainers ●● - Two bodyguards, a maid, a cook, and a secretary.

Resources ●●●● - Vala's stipend, her paycheck, Polu's stipend...

[edit] Merits

Legendary Breeding ●●● - Vala is the eldest daughter of V'neef, who is literally a eugenics experiment. Vala herself is the continuation of the experiment into the next generation...

Virtue Specialty ●●●●●● - For all her sternness and serious demeanor with respect to just about everyone, Vala cares deeply about her House, and the man who is soon to join it through marriage to her. Compassion - House V'neef +3.

[edit] Flaws


[edit] Charms

Name                                Cost              Type              Duration          Page
First Stealth Excellency            1m/2d             Reflexive         Instant           MoEP:D 128
First Bureaucracy Excellency        1m/2d             Reflexive         Instant           MoEP:D 128
First Larceny Excellency            1m/2d             Reflexive         Instant           MoEP:D 128
First Archery Excellency            1m/2d             Reflexive         Instant           MoEP:D 128
First Performance Excellency        1m/2d             Reflexive         Instant           MoEP:D 128
Wind-Carried Words Technique        1+m               Simple            Instant           MoEP:D 131
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery          -                 Permanent         Permanent         MoEP:D 134
Confluence of Savant Thought        3m                Simple            One scene         MoEP:D 161
Harvest of the Hunter               2m                Simple            Instant           MoEP:D 173
Dance of Flashing Swords            2m+, 1wp          Reflexive         One scene         MoEP:D 177
Invisible Street Performer Technique3m                Simple            One performance   MoEP:D 179
New Voice Technique                 2m                Simple            One scene         MoEP:D 168
Talented Improvisation              1m                Reflexive         One scene         MoEP:D 177

Charm Choices: None yet.

[edit] Combos

None yet.

[edit] Necromancy and Sorcery

Name                                Circle            Target            Cost              Page
Emerald Countermagic                Terrestrial       Caster/one spell  10m or 20m        Ex2E 253
Disguise of the New Face            Terrestrial       Creature          15m               W&BT W43
Peacock Shadow Eyes                 Terrestrial       One sentient      10m               W&BT W55

Terrestrial Circle Sacrifice:

[edit] Thaumaturgy

Alch ooo     Demo ooo     Geom ooo     Ward ooo
Astr ooo     Elem ooo     Husb ooo     Weat ooo
Dead ooo     Ench ooo     Spir ooo

[edit] Virtues

Comp ●oooo (Channels: 0)
Conv ●●●oo (Channels: 3)
Temp ●●●oo (Channels: 2)
Valo ●●ooo (Channels: 2)

Flawed Virtue: Temperance

Limit: oooooooooo

Limit Break: Ascetic remorse, rage at perceived weaknesses.

[edit] Social Combat

Willpower: ●●●●●●●ooo

Temporary Willpower: 7

Join Debate: 5

Dodge Mental Defense Value: 6 (note: round up)

Positive Intimacies: The Realm (Desire to protect), Ragara Polu (Romantic love), her All-Seeing Eye compatriots (Respect), Ledaal Gie (Affectionate friendship), children (Friendly affection)

Negative Intimacies: None.

Total Intimacies: 4 of 7.

[edit] Physical Combat

Join Battle: 5

Dodge DV: 6

Hardness: 0A/0L/0B

Soak: 0A/1L/2B

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incapacitated/Dying/Dying (Current Damage: None)

Attacks: Clinch - Speed 6, Acc 5, Dmg 2B+, PDV -, Rate 1. Flamepiece - Speed 5, Acc 9, Dmg 8L, Rate 1 (Misc action to reload), Range 8, Tags FS. Kick - Speed 5, Acc 5, Dmg 5B+, PDV 2, Rate 2. Punch - Speed 5, Acc 6, Dmg 2B+, PDV 4, Rate 3.

[edit] Essence

Anima Effects: For 5m, become immune to plant-based toxins, add (Ess) to DV against Archery attacks and attacks made with a weapon made predominately of wood, and gain a contact poison with the following stats: Damage (Ess)L/minute, Toxicity (Ess), Tolerance none, Penalty -(Ess/2, rounded up). Anima Flux: 1L/minute at 6-8 mote level, 1L/nine ticks at 9-13 mote level, 1L/tick at 14+ mote level within (Ess) yards. Only affects those who can soak lethal with stamina at 14+ level.

Essence: ●●●oo

Personal: 15/15/15

Peripheral: 35/35/35

Committed: 3m personal - New Voice Technique.

Recovery: 0m/hour normal, 4m/hour relaxed, 8m/hour resting.

[edit] Progression

Bonus Points: 15/15

Bonus Point Expenditures: 1 on Bureaucracy 4. 1 on Linguistics 4. 2 on Performance 5. 1 on Occult 1. 6 on Virtue Specialty. 4 on Breeding 5.

Total Experience: 260 plus four free Charms

Banked Experience: 76 plus four free Charms

Experience Expenditures: 4 on Occult 3. 2 on Stealth 2. 2 on Awareness 2. 3 on Resistance 1. 2 on Athletics 2. 3 on Dodge 1. 2 on Larceny 2. 15 on Archery 5. 7 on Medicine 3. 1 on Ride 2. 3 on Survival 1. 6 on Backing (All-Seeing Eye) 2.  6 on Mentor 3. 6 on Resources 4. 6 on Legendary Breeding. 70 on Favored Charms. 12 on other Charms. 12 on Willpower 7. 20 on Essence 3.

[edit] Other Stuff

As an important note, Vala gets a one-die bonus on all social attacks she makes against Dragon-Bloods and mortals taught to respect and fear them, her children add +3 to the result of any breeding roll they make, and Vala suffers a -2 penalty to disguise herself as not a Dragon-Blood (though her main disguise tool of choice, Disguise of the New Face, ignores this and other penalties anyway).

[edit] Magical Gear

[edit] Mundane Gear

[edit] Custom Crunch

[edit] Custom Charms

[edit] Custom Spells

[edit] Custom Procedures

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