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[edit] Basic Character Information

Name: Overzealous Beacon of Tomorrow (Aliases: None)

Player: Lumby

Caste: Orichalcum

Concept: Fun-loving sexy warrior of love~

Motivation: Smash the blight around Nurad back into remission!

Appearance: The first impression people get of Beacon is that of largeness - at six feet eight and two hundred and sixty pounds, she's one of the largest Champions in Nurad without any Manifold Transhuman Implants to increase her size. Golden skin, with a slight reddish tint to it, further ensures that she stands out in any crowd - as does her long white hair, bound back into a ponytail to keep it out of the way, and her generous, muscular figure. She has vivid, bright green eyes, a smooth, small nose, and her mouth is near-perpetually in a broad grin. Most prominent in her standard wardrobe is a faded black, well-worn synthetic leather buff jacket with sleeves removed to accomodate her usual Charm selection, and two horizontal golden-yellow stripes across the middle of her back where the orichalcum underplating peeks through. She usually wears it unbuttoned, over a slightly dirty white tube top, a pair of dirty and faded brown workpants (with an abundance of pockets), and a pair of synthetic leather boots that match her buff jacket (read: faded black, well-worn). Her Charms are usually rather highly decorated, with intricate carvings, shining green lights, and the occasional exposed power link with lightning crackling through it.

Anima Appearance: The sharp smell of ozone fills the air. A coil of light twists around Beacon, with a thousand tiny sparks of brilliant light winding their way up, bolts of lightning flying off them to harmlessly impact anything nearby. Anything so struck glows brightly for several seconds afterward.

Backstory: A master general, who invented Autochthonian warfare... A doctor who took great strides to improve public health... a scout with a knack for sniffing out valuble resource taps... a craftsman who dedicated his life to building better tools... a highly-skilled politician and manager, who wasn't discovered as being of the Populat until after his demise... these lives and more combined to create the personality of the Orichalcum-caste Overzealous Beacon of Tomorrow. One of Nurad's youngest Alchemicals at the moment, she's quickly established a reputation for herself as being friendly and easy to approach, with a fondness for flashiness in her near-constant Gremlin-hunting and a fondness for... romance... on her off shifts. (to be continued)

Theme Songs: Xanadu

[edit] Attributes

● Str ●●●●●[●]     ● Cha ●●●●o     ● Per ●●ooo
● Dex ●●●oo[●]     o Man ●oooo     ● Int ●●ooo
● Sta ●●●●●[●]     o App ●●●oo     o Wit ●●●oo

[edit] Abilities

o Arch ooooo     o Craf Below     o Bure ooooo
o Athl ●●●oo     o Larc ooooo     o Inve ooooo
o Awar ●●ooo     o Ling ooooo     o Lore ooooo
o Dodg ooooo     o Perf ●●ooo     o Medi ooooo
o Inte ●●ooo     o Pres ●●●oo     o Occu ooooo
o Mart ●●●oo     o Ride ooooo
o Mele ooooo     o Sail ooooo
o Resi ●●ooo     o Soci ooooo
o Thro ●●ooo     o Stea ooooo
o War  ●oooo     o Surv ●●ooo

Elemental Crafts Known: Air ●, Earth ●, Fire ●

Other Crafts Known: None

Native Language: Autochthonian

Other Languages Known: None

Specialties: Martial Arts - SMASH THE GREMLINS! +3. Thrown - Whatever's at hand +1. War - Tunnel fighting +1. Craft - Making tools +1. Performance - Impassioned speeches +2. Presence - Cheerfully optimistic +2. Survival - Uncovering hidden treasures +1. Bureaucracy - Sheer dumb luck +1. Investigation - Naturally trustworthy +1. Medicine - Industrial accidents +1.

[edit] Advantages

[edit] Backgrounds

Artifact ●● - Beacon possesses a... well-worn synthetic leather reinforced buff jacket, appropriated from a Regulator that happened to be nearby when she was Exalted. In addition to the numerous patches and mends, it has received further reinforcement in the form of orichalcum chain links sandwiched between the layers of leather. She also has a magnetic metrocore attuned to the metropolis of Enrex, set in a pair of orichalcum core "bracers" (that are actually worn on the upper arm). (Four dots unspent because I suck at backgrounds ;~;)

Charms ●●● - This merely serves as a reminder that three of her Background dots are instead being spent on Charms.

Class ●●●●● - The standard of living for Alchemicals, or at least those Alchemicals who haven't completely screwed something up yet. What is slightly less standard (though far from unheard of) is that Beacon's entire personal staff consists of an extremely short, somewhat irritable Charm technician named Oli. In addition, she's got a loyal pet rat, named Citizen Whiskers, who she saved from the Reaches on the whim of a past life's memory.. Unknown to everyone save for Beacon and Uria, Citizen Whiskers is a genetically-engineered rat, possessed of an extreme degree of intelligence.

Eidolon ●●●●● - Every night, a hundred epic sagas from years long since past dance through Beacon's dreams. She's thinking about going into play-writing...

Familiar - Beacon may well be the only Alchemical to possess a pet rat, one of her few luxuries. Citizen Whiskers spends most of his time in a cage in the Orichalcum-caste's private quarters, and the rest in her arms as she lavishes affection upon him. The cage is on a desk, and can be quickly tucked into a drawer in case of visitors; his existence isn't a secret, but Beacon feels that it would be best not to remind anyone that she happens to be giving some of her own food to a... well, a rat in a time when Nurad is facing starvation. (It does help that most of the wild rats have long since departed for conduits where the nutrient paste still flows.)

Mentor ●● - Infinitely Elegant Weapon is an Orichalcum-caste gremlin hunter of considerable experience, who Beacon works with from time to time. Beacon looks up to the older Exalt, and is quite willing to help out when Weapon has a task that needs to be done but that she can't attend to personally for some reason. Weapon's thoughts on her younger companion are... mixed, varying from amusement at having a sidekick to annoyance at having such a perky sidekick, depending on how she's feeling that day.

[edit] Charms

I A Name                                Cost              Type              Duration          Page
● o First Strength Augmentation         1m/die [1m]       Reflexive (1/2)   Instant           M:Alch 119
● o Fourth Strength Augmentation        - [1m for first]  Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 120
● o Second Dexterity Augmentation       2m/success [1m]   Reflexive (1/2)   Instant           M:Alch 119
● o Fourth Dexterity Augmentation       - [1m for first]  Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 120
● o Third Stamina Augmentation          0m-5m [1m]        Reflexive (4/6)   Instant           M:Alch 120
● o Fourth Stamina Augmentation         - [1m for first]  Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 120
● o Charged Solenoid Lock               6m [0m]           Supplemental      Instant           Custom
● o Piston-Driven Megaton Hammer        3m [1m]           Supplemental      Instant           M:Alch 122
● o Accelerated Response System         2m [1m]           Reflexive (2)     Instant           M:Alch 127
● o Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier    4m                Reflexive (2)     One scene         M:Alch 134
● o Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh      -                 Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 136
● o Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit      - [1m]            Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 168
● o Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit      - [1m]            Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 168
● o Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit      - [1m]            Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 168
● o Optimized Overcharge Device         1hl [1m]          Reflexive         One scene         Custom
● o Pain Suppression Nodes              - [1m]            Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 133
● o Strain-Resistant Chassis Modificati - [1m first two]  Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 133
● o Strain-Resistant Chassis Modificati - [1m first two]  Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 133
● o Subcutaneous Armor Plating          - [1m first two]  Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 134
● o Subcutaneous Armor Plating          - [1m first two]  Permanent         Permanent         M:Alch 134
● o Transitory Invulnerability Engine   5m [1m]           Reflexive (7)     Instant           M:Alch 135

Charm Slots: 17 Dedicated, 4 General

Visible Charms: First Strength Augmentation, Fourth Strength Augmentation, Second Dexterity Augmentation, Fourth Dexterity Augmentation, Third Stamina Augmentation, Fourth Stamina Augmentation, Charged Solenoid Lock, Piston-Driven Megaton Hammer, Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier, Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification, Transitory Invulnerability Engine

Obvious Charms: Fourth Strength Augmentation, Fourth Dexterity Augmentation, Fourth Stamina Augmentation, Charged Solenoid Lock, Piston-Driven Megaton Hammer, Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier, Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh, Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification, Transitory Invulnerability Engine

Submodules: Charged Solenoid Lock - Magnetic Grappling Array. Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier - Emergency Overcharger. Optimized Overcharge Device - Red-Zone Essence Overdrive.

Charm Choices: Charged Solenoid Lock is Beacon's signature Charm, and has its installation cost reduced by 1m as a result (noted in the above Charm block). Accelerated Response System is in the Parry configuration. All Strain-Resistant Chassis Modifications are configured to provide three -2 health levels. Transitory Invulnerability Engine carries the Valor Flaw of Alchemical Invulnerability; she cannot voluntarily move away from an opponent against whom she has invoked it until her DV has refreshed twice.

[edit] Combos

Combo-OK: First Strength Augmentation, Second Dexterity Augmentation, Third Stamina Augmentation, Charged Solenoid Lock, Piston-Driven Megaton Hammer, Accelerated Response System, Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier, Optimized Overcharge Device, Transitory Invulnerability Engine

Combo-Basic: None

Combo-No (Non-Permanents Only): None

[edit] Arrays

None at the moment. Perhaps later, when I need the personal motes.

[edit] Weaving

Beacon has no weaving engines installed. This is unlikely to change any time soon.

[edit] Thaumaturgy

Alch ooo     Dead ooo     Ench ooo     Prob ooo     Weat oooo
Astr ooo     Demo ooo     GeTo ooo     Spir ooo
Bioe ooo     Elem ooo     Husb ooo     Ward ooo

[edit] Virtues

Comp ●●●oo (Channels: 3)
Conv ●●ooo (Channels: 2)
Temp ●oooo (Channels: 1)
Valo ●●●oo (Channels: 1) 

Clarity: oooooooooo

Limit: oooooooooo

[edit] Social Combat

Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●o

Temporary Willpower: ●●●●●●●

Join Debate: 5

Dodge Mental Defense Value: 6

Intimacies: Nurad (Fierce loyalty), her assembly, especially her roommate Relentless Pursuit of Monstrosities (Friendship), Oli and Citizen Whiskers (Affection), Infinitely Elegant Weapon (Immense respect), gremlins (Hatred), the future (Hope and determination)

[edit] Physical Combat

Join Battle: 5

Dodge DV: 5

Hardness: 0A/6L/6B (0A/2L/4B natural)

Soak: 9A/16L/24B (0A/7L/12B natural)

Health Levels:

-0:[ ]
-0:[ ][ ]
-0:[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
-1:[ ]
Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh:[ ]
In:[ ]
Dy:[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


Name                 Spd  Acc  Dmg  PDV  Rng  Rt   Tags  Notes
Clinch               6    9    6B+  -    M    1    CNP   -
Kick                 5    7    9B+  3    M    2    N     -
Punch                5    8    6B+  5    M    3    N     -

[edit] Essence

Anima Effects: By reflexively spending five motes or at the 11+ level of anima display, lightning surges across Beacon's body, adding (Essence) to the raw damage of all attacks she makes.

Essence: ●●●oo

Personal: 0/0 (9 from Essence + 9 from Willpower - 18 from installed Charms)

Peripheral: 62/71 (15 from Essence + 27 from Willpower + 6 from highest Virtue + 30 from Auxiliary Essence Storage Units - 7 from commitments)

Committed: 3m peripheral - orichalcum synthetic leather buff jacket. 4m peripheral - orichalcum core bracers.

Recovery: 2m/hour normal, 6m/hour relaxed, 10m/hour resting.

[edit] Progression

[edit] Pre-BP

Bonus Points: 18

Bonus Point Expenditures: Two Eidolon dots - 4. Two Dedicated Charm Slots - 6. Five Charms - 5. Three dots of Willpower - 3.

Total Experience: 99 (plus 12 in chargen, spent on submodules)

Banked Experience: 13

Experience Expenditures: 6xp - Charms. 12xp - Submodules. 44xp - Dedicated Charm Slots. 18xp - Backgrounds. 18xp - Essence.

[edit] Post-BP

Total Bonus Points: 66

Bonus Point Expenditures: None

Banked Bonus Points: 0

Currently Training: Nothing, lol

Future Training: Finish my combat Charmset, start picking up social Charms

[edit] Other Stuff

[edit] Magical Gear

The synthetic leather reinforced buff jacket benefits from the Orichalcum magical material bonus. (Soak 9L/12B, Hardness 6L/6B, Mobility -0, Fatigue 1, Attune 3)

Her magnetic metrocore will lead her to the nearest Alchemical city, and serves as an entry key to the gates of the metropolis of Enrex.

Her orichalcum core bracers increase her dodge DV calculation pool by 3 before dividing it, and increase the damage of all her attacks by two dice, in addition to having a single slot for an elemental core (or hearthstone).

[edit] Mundane Gear

[edit] Custom Crunch

[edit] Custom Charms and Submodules

Charged Solenoid Lock

Optimized Overcharge Device

[edit] Custom Protocols

[edit] Custom Procedures

[edit] People Beacon Has Slept With

This list is not all-inclusive; it covers only those who were shown "on-camera" at some point, and given names.

  • Zenon, a Lector who ran a karaoke contest during the Festival of Ku.
  • Devram, a Regulator and pilot under the employ of Sublime Computational Strategist.
  • Uria, the Grand Autocrat of Nurad.
  • Kasti, a Harvester who got Beacon cleaned up for her big recognition ceremony.
  • Sublime Computational Strategist, an Orichalcum-caste and Beacon's vat-sister.
  • Ziska, a Regulator and stern inspector.

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